Fosters Mill, Swaffham Prior

The home of artisan stoneground organic flour milled by wind power.

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From Fosters Mill

The Prior's Flour

The Prior’s Flour comprises a delicious range of stoneground organic flours milled by wind power at Fosters Mill, Swaffham Prior. Sourcing local, premium quality organic grain, master miller, Jonathan Cook crafts a range of artisan flours for the discerning professional and amateur baker.

The flours are milled using horizontal French burr stones which preserve the natural nutrition and vitamin content of the grain. The flours are sold from the mill, by mail order and through a number of outlets in the Cambridgeshire area.

Fosters Mill is over 160 years old and stands on a site where mills have worked since the times of Domesday. By purchasing our products, you are helping to safeguard this historic listed mill for future generations and keeping it doing the job for which it was intended – producing best quality artisan flours from local grain.

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“From crop to crust - the miller is the link between the farmer and the baker.”

For centuries, the village miller performed a vital role in the local community, milling locally grown grain into flour for the baker and gristing grains for farmers to produce cattle feed. The miller had to ensure the baker had flour of the quality and provenance he required. During the 20th Century, this link was lost as the traditional artisan mill vanished from the countryside.

Today the link has been re-established. I work closely with all our farmers to source the best quality grains for the products our customers wish to buy, whether for sourdough, yeasted breads, cakes or pastries.

Jonathan Cook, Master Miller

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Fosters Mill

Specialising in producing best-quality organic stoneground artisan flour for professional and amateur bakers throughout the UK.

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"I've been using the Prior's Flour for several years now, and find not only that it makes delicious bread, but it is consistent, which is wonderful. Highly recommend this flour."

Vanessa Kimbell, Baker

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the flours suitable for use in a bread maker?

Yes, all the flours we mill are suitable for use in a bread maker. For best results, use the settings with the longest proving time.

When can I buy flour from the mill?

The mill shop is open every Thursday from 9am to 1pm and on the 2nd Sunday of each month between 2pm and 5pm. To purchase and pick up flour at other times, please call 01638 741009 to make an appointment.

How fresh is the flour?

We work to ensure all our flours are milled and dispatched from the mill within four weeks of milling. Much of the flour is dispatched within one week so you always receive fresh flour.

Where does the grain you mill come from?

All the grains we mill are grown by UK farmers and most of those farms are in East Anglia. We pride ourselves on sourcing locally grown grains and are proud to associate ourselves with our partner farms.