Organic Oats and Muesli Products

Oats and Muesli Products

The Prior’s Quick Porridge Oats

Tasty non-organic quick porridge oat flakes re-packed at the mill. Make delicious creamy porridge in a few minutes!

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750g Bag

The Prior’s Jumbo Oats

Delicious non-organic jumbo oat flakes re-packed at the mill. Make superb flapjack or add them to crumble toppings.

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750g Bag

The Prior's Breakfast Muesli

After you’ve tried our breakfast muesli, your mornings will be transformed! Based on a Dutch miller’s recipe, our muesli has a toasted oat, rye and wheat flake base onto which we blend a delicious mix of vine fruits, nuts and seeds.

Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

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500g Bag

Don't just take our word for it

""I've been using the Prior's Flour for several years now, and find not only that it makes delicious bread, but it is consistent, which is wonderful. Highly recommend this flour.""

Vanessa Kimbell, Baker